Welcome BBQ of Architecture Group @DPRI

On May 11, the Architectural and Architectural System Department related research groups of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute held a BBQ to welcome new students. The event took for the first time since the pandemic have started, while taking precautions against infection. It had been a long time since the BBQ was held last time, […]

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Investigation Preliminary Report Meeting (Architectural Institute of Japan)

On April 29, Associate Professor Kurata spoke at the “Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Investigation Preliminary Report Meeting” hosted by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) and reported the results of the survey conducted in early April on the damaged hospital and factory buildings. Preliminary report meeting https://www.aij.or.jp/jpn/symposium/2023/turkey2023.pdf Documents of the preliminary meeting https://www.aij.or.jp/jpn/databox/2023/Earthquake_t.pdf