Doctoral Defense of Mr. Huang Jiangtao

Mr. Huang Jiangtao, a member of our lab, has completed his doctoral thesis hearing and will receive his degree in March. His doctoral thesis is about the research on the seismic behavior of partition walls, one of vulnerable non-structural components in buildings. Dr. Thesis title Seismic Damage Evaluation of Cold-Formed Steel-Framed Gypsum Partition Walls Considering […]

The 70th Structural Mechanics Colloquium

Associate Professor Kurata spoke at the 70th Structural Mechanics Colloquium on Dec. 16, held by the Structural Mechanics Division of the Kinki Branch of the Architectural Institute of Japan, “Thinking about What Young Structural Engineers Need in the Future. He spoke about his experiences and expectations regarding structural education under the title of “Use of Information […]

UTEC Webinar in Peru

Assoc. Prof. Kurata gave a talk at the Webinar for Earthquake Engineering hosted by Dept. of Civil and Enviorn. Eng., Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC).

Considering Disaster Prevention in Okinawa

Associate Professor Kurata spoke at the Disaster Prevention Symposium “Considering Disaster Prevention in Okinawa” held on November 16 at the 50th Anniversary Memorial Hall of Ryukyu University, where he discussed earthquake damage to medical facilities and business continuity. Afterwards, he discussed the topic with Professor Castro of the Island Disaster Prevention Research Center of Ryukyu […]

WKC Forum 2023 Research Strategy for Disaster and Health Risk Management (Health EDRM) 2024

Organized by WHO Kobe Centre (WKC), “WKC Forum 2023 Research Strategy for Disaster and Health Risk Management (Health EDRM) 2024: At the invitation of WKC, Associate Professor Kurata participated in Part II: Special Panel Discussion: Minimizing Preventable Disaster Risks. From the morning core meeting held prior to the afternoon Forum Japanese Brochure file:///C:/Users/masak/Downloads/000128_2_0_24.pdf English […]

10EWICS and PhD Course @ University of Catania

Mr. Lin and Prof. Kurata participated the 10EWICS ( held at Catanita, Italy. In the occasion of 10EWICS (, a PhD course for “The importance of experimental research for mitigating of seismic risk” was held at the Universtiy of Catania. Assoc. Prof. Kurata and alumni of the research group gave lectures to PhD students.

Welcome BBQ of Architecture Group @DPRI

On May 11, the Architectural and Architectural System Department related research groups of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute held a BBQ to welcome new students. The event took for the first time since the pandemic have started, while taking precautions against infection. It had been a long time since the BBQ was held last time, […]

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Investigation Preliminary Report Meeting (Architectural Institute of Japan)

On April 29, Associate Professor Kurata spoke at the “Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Investigation Preliminary Report Meeting” hosted by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) and reported the results of the survey conducted in early April on the damaged hospital and factory buildings. Preliminary report meeting Documents of the preliminary meeting

US-JPN-Joint Workshop 2023

Dr. Eirca Fischer of Oregon State University and Dr. Barbara Simpson of Stanford University were invited to the Disaster Prevention Institute for a workshop entitled “Regional Assessment, Management, and Business Continuity Enhancement”. The workshop was held at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DRRI) in Feb 28 – March 1, 2023. Researchers from Japan also gathered […]

Structural Engineering Awards 2022: Research, the Institution of Structural Engineers, Midland Counties

A paper presented by Dr. Skalomenos (now at the University of Birmingham, UK), who was a Project Assistant Professor in our laboratory until 2019, and Associate Professor Kurata has won the Research category of the Structural Engineering Awards 2022 at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Midland counties, an association of structural engineers and researchers in […]

Short-term stay of Mario and Chun-Yi

In 2022, we could restart long-awaited international collaborations, accepting the short-period stay of international students and researchers. We had a three-week stay of Mr. Mario Argenziano, a postdoctoral fellow from the University of Naples, Italy, and a three-month stay of Mr. Chun-Yi Li, a master’s student from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, […]

Dr. Shen Shaodong has been selected for a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers (General)

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Shen Shaodon, a researcher in our laboratory, has been selected for a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers (General) ( This program provides young researchers from abroad with opportunities to engage in collaborative research under the guidance of a Japanese host researcher at a Japanese university or other […]

SCI papers in 2021

We have updated the papers published in 2021 ( They are mainly the results of activities before the COVID-19 pandemic. – This paper is about an experiment conducted in 2017 with Dr Jason McCormick’s research team at the University of Michigan as part of the development of a steel pipe brace with foam. Ammons, M., […]