SCI papers in 2021

We have updated the papers published in 2021 ( They are mainly the results of activities before the COVID-19 pandemic. – This paper is about an experiment conducted in 2017 with Dr Jason McCormick’s research team at the University of Michigan as part of the development of a steel pipe brace with foam. Ammons, M., Shimada, H., McCormick, J., Kurata, M., “Experimental Investigation of Foam Filled CHS Braces under Cyclic Cyclic Loading,” Journal of Structural Engineering, 147(5), 04021044, 2021.5, – This is a paper on the development of a method for estimating the time history of the acceleration response of all floors of a building by combining the acceleration […]

Public Hearing for Master Thesis and Graduation Thesis Presentation

On February 5, 2021, Mr Akito Fukuzawa completed the public hearing for his master’s thesis. Although it was an online public hearing held under the COVID-19 pandemic, he made an excellent presentation and was able to answer all the questions. At the online graduation thesis presentation held on February 7, 2021, Mr Taifu Kawamoto explained his graduation research that he had been working on for six months. They have been working steadily on their research activities for the past months, but the pandemic situation affected them in no small way because they have lost close touch with their classmates, seniors and juniors, and faculty members as the lab group activities […]