Birthday Wishes to Professor Ikeda and Farewell Celebration to Dr. Liangi Qi

On August 27th*, we celebrated a milestone with Professor Ikeda as he celebrated his 60th Birthday. We continue to wish him health and longevity. We sadly said farewell to Dr. Liangi Qi as he returned to his university in China. We wish him the best in his future pursuits. *Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 were not able to host an in-person gathering but still wanted to celebrate somehow.

Announcement of 2020 Blind Prediction Contest

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our Blind Prediction Contest:   Recently, hospitals have come under scrutiny for their ability to absorb many types of disasters and continue to function with minimal impact. The primary focus of the current experimentation and research is to take a more holistic approach to generate more robust hospital resilience data.   We will attempt to measure and classify functionality and the current resilience in a hospital setting by using: (1) a full-scale representation of a complex two-building multi-story hospital with both a fixed and isolated base, (2) various nonstructural components and (3) critical medical equipment. The testing will take place in December […]

Farewell Gathering for Mr. Guiseppe Marzano

Yesterday was Mr. Guiseppe Marzano’s last day with our lab; due to the concerns of the Corona Virus, we were not able to give him a farewell party. Instead, we were able to have a small coffee break and share our thoughts and words of encouragement towards Guiseppe. After completing his doctoral studies, Guiseppe will return to Italy; we wish him the best in his future endeavors. Congratulations on your graduation.